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It’s funny, I had a personal website all throughout college and beyond. However, when it came time to renew my account with the service I was using I had been working as a web designer and developer for about a year and decided it was time to show off some of my skills I had acquired outside of college….a year and a half later I finally got around to it.

The site will be ever evolving, but it was nice (albeit difficult) to be my own client for once. I am also excited to start blogging about and chronicling some of my personal projects, experiences, travels, and kitchen creations.

To be honest, the big kick in the pants to actually get to work on this was the same thing that gave me in the kick in the pants to start my training for the Mud Mash race coming up at the end of October. My boss, and the Creative Director of Fertile Minds (where I work and have learned all of these wonderful skills) passed away suddenly in an accident. It’s been difficult to be unable to pick up the phone and call him (I work remotely from Northern California) and talk to him, or pass off a difficult client to him. Dusty taught me so much and was a friend of mine. I dedicate all my sour beers to him.