Project Details

This project was completed for Graphic Design III at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Graphic Design III is the final installment in the graphic design series classes for the Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design program at Cal Poly.

Our task was to redesign a product’s label and packaging to make it more desirable to a targeted demographic and better represent the quality of the product. I chose to redesign Juice Squeeze and elevate the label styling to a more graphical and modern approach that would appeal to the younger quality juice consuming crowd, particularly in the craft cocktail section at Bevmo where I found my product.

The mock up product was produced using rub-on transfer materials to apply the printing directly to the bottle as it would be in a consumer environment. The citrus circle pattern that goes the length of the bottle and collects around the logotype represents the citrus and effervescent qualities of Juice Squeeze.

This design is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Crystal Geyser and was completed solely for educational purposes.